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Top 3 Reasons Why you need a waist trainer


A waist trainer is designed to compress the waist and hold the
abdominal muscles in, giving the appearance of a smaller waist. The compression can also help to reshape the waistline over time with consistent use.


Wearing a waist trainer can help to pull the shoulders back and keep
the spine in an upright position. This can help to improve posture, reduce slouching, and relieve lower back pain.


Wearing a waist trainer can increase sweating around the waist and suppress appetite, leading to weight loss. However, it's important to note that waist trainers are not a substitute for healthy diet and regular exercise.

Testimonials from CGF Customers

  • "I never had a waist so small!"

    "My whole life I could not lose belly fat. I wore the Curvy Goddess waist trainer everyday while I worked, exercised and while doing stuff around the house for 4 months. Now I can tell you, I never had a waist so small! And I tried EVERYTHING!"

  • "My back fat is GONE!"

    "OMG ya'll! I can't believe how much of a difference this thing makes! My back fat is GONE! Thanks Curvy Goddess :)"

  • "Waist trainers really work?"

    "Ever since Kim Kardashian started promoting this thing, I was a skeptic. Then a friend of mine started wearing one all the time at the gym. I noticed her belly getting smaller which made me question...waist trainers really work? hm.. So I bought a CGF waist trainer and continued on with my weight loss journey. I had a stubburn FUPA I really wanted to get rid of and after 1 month, I finally started to see that lower tummy fat disappear. I love my waist trainer! I can't live without it!"